Library Facilities


The Library is the heart of any college. Library has a well-planned air-conditioned library. It can accommodate more than 180 students at a time. It also has a digital library.

The Library has a rich collection of more than 15,000 volumes of text and reference books with 2000 titles. Library also subscribes to 50 national and 42 international Journals / Magazines. We have also subscribed “Delnet” membership for online journals. The library provides an immense source of knowledge for academic and research activities.

The members of library have access to the various services provided by the library. These include reference service, circulation service, reprographic service, selective dissemination of information service, current awareness service, inter library loan service.

Library has applied for institutional memberships of British Council Library and American Centre Library. A Separate display section announcing ‘new arrivals’, facilitates readers to know the latest books available in the area. The library encourages the readers by introducing interactive schemes like ‘May I Help You’ Desk and ‘Suggestion Box’.