Department of Applied Science & Humanities

“A teacher can only inspire if he himself is inspired just as a lamp can only light another lamp, if it itself is lit”. To achieve this objective, department has a highly skilled and competent team of experienced teachers who are continuously engaged in clearing the fundamental of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Professional Communication. Dr. Dheeraj Singh, Assistant Professor, who is having 7 years of teaching experience is serving as Head of the Department.


  • Dr. Dheeraj Singh
  • Mr. Dev Singh
  • Mr. Ravindra Kumar
  • Mr. Vipin Kumar
  • Mr. Sanjeev Sharma
  • Ms. Reena Chauhan
  • Mr. Sanjay Kaushik
  • Ms. Nitisha Bali


  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Professional Communication Lab

The foundation of engineering education is laid through the knowledge of basic principles of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Engineering syllabus is incomplete without knowledge of basics science. Mathematics is the backbone of all Engineering Sciences. Hence, a lot of stress is given on Mathematics in Engineering Education. Engineering Mathematics is taught at first and second year of B.Tech. degree course. To cater the need of different Engineering branches we have a young and enthusiastic science and maths stream faculties.